Why Is Facebook Marketing Important In Your Business?


How important is it really to use social media to leverage your business – such as FACEBOOK? Is your business taking advantage of Facebook? How important is it to your social media venture?


Perhaps, majority of the world population are using Facebook and it becomes trendy nowadays to your business growth.

Ignoring Facebook really IS NOT an option for most businessmen / entrepreneurs. If you’re an online marketer, there’s no excuse not to use Facebook. You can bet your ideal market / prospect is using Facebook almost every day, even every hour.


There are a lot of social media platforms, to name such – Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn which you can use for personal or business.

However, of all social media platforms that we use everyday, it is only Facebook that is really keen on being ‘personal’ with its users. You can create these cheesy – cute videos for you, be it based on your timeline activities or friendships, greets you, asks you what’s on your mind, celebrates your birthday, tells people when you post for the first time in a long time, takes you back the memory lane, etc… but the point is, Facebook has developed (and still is developing) qualities of what we would consider a good buddy and a perfect business partner.

And as I would say, a perfect place for marketing your business. (I personally use it for my business. It’s like you’re creating your brand for your business through Facebook).

Ok, here are the top reasons why I considered Facebook as an important social marketing tool to grow your business:

  • It perceives your target market.

Facebook ‘knows’ its users (by studying their habits and connecting the dots…), so it does a better job in channeling adverts to the more relevant audience (target market) which is more effective than just distributing them randomly. Example, if you’re searching about Bluetooth item trackers on both Facebook and Google, it is Facebook that will start give you an option of liking Track-R or Chipolo pages. This shows how closely it follows the moves of every FB users and as much as this may sometimes be peculiar, but it is very effective.

  • There are over one billion global users, and counting.

Yes, according to Facebook statistics as of March 2017 – Worldwide, there are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users for March 2017 (Facebook MAUs) which is an 18 percent increase year over year. (Source: Facebook 5/3/17)

So what does it mean for you then?

In case you had any stubborn doubts, statistically, Facebook is too big to turn back on.

Facebook also announced recently that they had passed 400 million members, making Facebook the third-largest country in the world,  🙂 if it was a country. (perhaps that’s their final game, joining the UN and raising an army?)

  • It is low-cost and efficient.

You’re friends with Facebook, right? And friends of course won’t make you pay too much for their services. That’s how EXACTLY what Facebook is.

Facebook allows you to market on their platform for free or for as low as US$1.00 per post for a 24 hour period. Not only is that cheap considering that a mere 15 seconds advertising through a radio, or a newspaper ad will cost you average US$100 or thousands in PHP but our friend Facebook is conscious of the time of day and it affects its users, thus it is able to decisively distribute your adverts to times where more users can see it in spite of the time you posted it.

If you are promoting your FB page and would want to reach thousands of audience here below is the current rate of FB:


$ 5 – estimated reach: 36.1K – 95.3K

$10 – estimated reach: 63K – 166K

$15 – estimated reach: 85.2K – 224K

$20 – estimated reach: 111K – 293K

Or you can choose you own rate, the lowest is $1, estimated reach is 9.6K to 25.3K.

The DURATION for promoting your FB page is: 

7 days, 10 days, 14 days, and 28 days.

But then of course, you can use FB for free to advertise or market your products and services and then just invite your friends to like and share your page / post publicly. Though, the estimated reach of audience is not as much as when you paid for a single dollar per day. 🙂 Yet, still it’s all worth every single penny paid for less. And by the way, you can select your audience age, location and interests.

  • Facebook user spends an average of 55 Minutes per day.

Or nearly one hour per day, per user. Whew, that’s a lot of Facebook time. So, how can your business grab a bit of consumer attention? The above data is based on Facebook’s own published stats, covered by Inside Facebook.

  • It trains you to use its marketing tools.

Because Facebook is a friend of majority and also a user-friendly, it not only helps you make a Facebook advert, but it also offers courses and tips on how to then make your adverts fly. So any individual at home can market products/services digitally (online) without really needing to go through a formal course or training. In addition to that, it also gives you tips and tutorials on how to leverage on all its other marketing tools that includes Facebook pages, Messenger and Instagram.

  • Facebook user has an average of 130 friends.

If you just recently sign-up to a Facebook, would you like to add more and more friends at a speedy pace? Well it depends upon how you view your Facebook connections.

According to British scientist Robin Dunbar, 150 is the theoretical maximum number of actual friend relationships you can sustain. Thus, 130 Facebook friends almost slams against Dunbar’s Number of 150.

If Facebook continues to revolve around relationships that you actually possess in three-dimensions – people you “actually” know, then the addition of lots of new friends may slow considerably. But, if Facebook makes the surge to tie people together more casually (like Twitter), average friend counts could rise hysterically.

  • Facebook is familiar to the public. 

Most people do love free-and-easy and homey kind of thing. Mass of people get high on informal things than formal. That means they are likely to read an ad on Facebook than LinkedIn (just my personal observation).

I think this is so because there is a certain die-hardism that comes with things labelled as formal or stereotyped or anything along those lines. So since Facebook is a platform which people often use for fun, users then will easily consume and process published post they find there than on other formal social platforms.

  • It has Customized News Feed

It does not necessarily mean that if someone is your fan or follower will automatically see your wall posts or status updates (applies for both individuals and brands) – it is because of Facebook’s recent move to an algorithm-driven news feed.

Instead, the default news feed is now constituted to the content that Facebook thinks you’ll like and follow based on your interactions with content from other author/s in the past and interactions by your friends with that content. I hope I have explained it plain and simple.

This puts a formidable premium on posting engaging content that will get comments and likes and shares. If you’re not paying attention to your content engagement scores within your Facebook analytics, start doing it now, and testing content types to see what will work best for your brand.

  • Real-time Search Shifts the Game.

Most contents in your FB are now available publicly unless you tell them not to via your privacy settings. Twitter opened their data stream to anyone. Google and Bing are also incorporating this data into search results, in real-time.

This has astounding implications for search engine optimization (SEO) since a negative status update about your brand might now show up on the first page of Google search results for your business (at least temporarily). The downturn is still happening, but someone in your business / company needs to be on top of real-time search. Today!



Lots of people nowadays use Facebook, in fact, according to the survey, in country called Zimbabwe, most of people there who use internet – only for 2 main things – and Facebook is one of them. With more than one billion users around the globe – if you haven’t noticed, that’s approximately a quarter of the world’s population! Wow!

Facebook may not be the ideal social media marketing platform for everyone but its huge size will force you to at least consider participating – regardless of what type of business you run. For that reason that some brands are putting a lot of eggs in the Facebook basket, which is perhaps justifiable based on the facts above.

The bottom line here is that most internet users use Facebook regularly. And that right there is good enough reason for one to consider Facebook marketing as an effective social media marketing tool.

Hope to done it right, Facebook can surely help your business grow… I’ve tried and tested it! So, you must too. 🙂

Before ending my post, I just want to mention the person behind Facebook and a very special thanks to you:

 Mark Zuckerberg

 – an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur,
Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Facebook who introduced this awesome online marketing platform to us. 


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  1. What do you do when facebook is constantly cutting you off of their site saying your acting suspicious when you aren’t, and all your trying to do is socailize with others that like you the way you are?

    1. Thanks for dropping a comment. Yes, I think it’s just normal for a Legit site to be more suspicious of every actions of the user. We are aware that there are too many online scammers out there, so FB is just doing the right thing. And when it comes to business and personal use, FB has helped us a lot.

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