It’s not just about ideas. It’s about making them happen. 

The B’s of BUSINESS:

  • Bravery

    – Since I am a risk taker,  I am not afraid to try as you need to be brave enough to become a businessman. Be fearless! All well-known and successful businessmen also failed. “People aren’t willing to eat shit and that’s why so many people’s businesses haven’t started.

  • Budget

    – I got to know my budget limitations. To build a business, you got to risk some reasonable amount of money for you to start. “There’s no time to slack off and sit and wait for your dreams to come true. Nothing is ever given to you for free.”

  • Breaking new

    – Be innovative. Just keep learning something new, read a lot, study, take it from the experts. Change is constant in this world. That’s life. You got to get better everyday. Keep on researching. “Doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results, is the definition of crazy.”

  • Behavior

    – It’s all about the right attitude and the positive mindset – if you want to succeed in the business, just don’t quit! Don’t stop believing in yourself. Finish what you have started. “Whenever you get PAIN in your life, just think about the full form of pain – Positive Attitude In Negative Situation.”

Turn your passion into profit.

My businesses I am into right now are: affiliate marketing, direct selling (networking), stock investment, online blogging. All revolves around the power of technology. Could your business run without technology? Maybe for some, yes. But for me – I am generating wealth thru technology.

My niche says it so.. . 

IT industry  nowadays is the biggest industry in the world. For me online business is the smartest move for an entrepreneur. That’s leveraging.

But remember, any business I know will do prosper for as long as you have the fire and the heart into it. Be passionate about it. Consistency is the key to make or break your business.

I had failed a lot of businesses before.

But I told you, your past failures will never be the hindrance to your success. Just keep on moving.

Keep on learning so you keep on earning.

All the best!

To your success, 

Mrs. Chok



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