If you changed the way you perceive your goals, life and obstacles – how would your life change?

If you understood paradigms – which cause almost ALL of your thoughts, behavior and actions – how would your life improve?

If you had a burning desire backed by the awareness to make it a reality – what difference would that make in your life?

Let’s Get Started

I lived in a beautiful home with a wonderful and loving family, in a beautiful country called Philippines and had a decent job in a well-known bank. I was living within my comfort zone. While working, I tried different businesses as part time but my reason before was not because of lack of money, but because I got bored on my cushy monotonous marathon of life. I had free time after work and had even 2 days off. And, Oooh I also love accounting & counting  with petty business  since I was a kid. Way back, I made and sold ice candies, breads, etc. during summer days. Maybe that was why I took Accounting course.

I tried e-loading biz, food cart franchise, selling cosmetics, selling herbal vitamins, networking biz, even part-time college teaching along with my full time work as a banker and as an accountant. Not because of financial needs but because of my entrepreneurial desire and dream to own a company or business and to make something that will make myself and parents proud. In fact, my father wanted me to become a lawyer, that I even enrolled in one of the best law universities in Cebu. I failed to please them. I don’t want to stressed out myself studying law books which I really don’t dream of becoming a lawyer. Sorry, papa. Ha-ha-ha!

Fast Forward

I am an OFW now (Overseas Filipino Worker) here in a marvelous  country- UAE (Dubai). Year 2012, I left my comfort zone, and was crying inside the aircraft and oooohh said to myself “this is it!”.

I left my awesome family, I left my wonderful country, I left my reputable good-paying job in pursuit of DREAMS. In point of fact, I got married here on that same year. Yes, bucket list checked. (I will have different story page for my love story.)

Totally, life here is different. I am now outside of my comfort zone. But no regrets at all. I’ve had a lot of learning experience. I realized that living out of your pleasure and convenience is indeed really different. But I need to grow used to the changes in life. Before, I was like a princess at my home , here I need to learn all the household chores on my own.

 What Now?

4 years later – still my life is same. Nothing has changed. Everyday I wake up in the morning, go to work and come back home. I am buttoned up with my past lifestyle – shopping during Big Sale Day, Tuesday movies, ladies night bars, social life, TGITh (Thank God It’s Thursday) gimmiks, and the like. The typical OFW life. What’s in it? I think I want something different now. 4 Years of life (2012-2016) here in  Dubai as OFW with a better salary (not that best ?) but paying loans, credit cards, to sum it up, my salary got increased but my lifestyle also increased and yet, no good news about my life here – at the end of the month, I’m still living in a negative zone level. An average worker with no achievements to satisfy myself. I was feeling dormant / lifeless.

I experienced a rocky road life here with no  peerless results. I am craving for something new. I’m yearning for something newfangled.

Last quarter of 2016,

I started to change my mindset. I said: “My desire to change must be greater than my desire to stay the same.” I don’t want to be stuck-up in this situation. In the end, just working without savings and investments is not my goal. Oh, I don’t want to retire old and broke. I want to retire young and millionaire with no loans and large sums of  liabilities. I want to earn more so I can be able to help more and share my wealth to others. I was thinking of those and that time then I began to change my mindset. I started reading articles to change my views and perceptions. I started to look for some opportunities online so I can increase my earnings, so I won’t be depending on one source of income only – which is my salary. I was researching, studying;  I started to look for ways. I read books on financial literacy, I opened bank accounts to start saving again, I started to invest in stocks, I joined networking business for extra earnings, I invested for  myself in weekly trainings for my business and personality development and attended some financial awareness seminar and investment on real property seminar, even attending online webinars to increase my knowledge. More discussion about investments and financial literacy coaching on my next posts.

I started to think positively.


If you don’t change your  mindset, nothing will change. Believe me, it helps me a lot! I learned to stay calm in a difficult situation now.

 Closing Thoughts

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET; Change must begin with the desire to change yourself and all the rest will change. Change your old negative way of thinking and change must begin now. Take few good steps now and you will see better results soon.

If I didn’t change my life’s perception, my mindset, my choices, my views, my way of talk, I would still be the same – the happy-go-lucky, contented, typical OFW.


That’s why I am here, blogging – started my new path in an online world of entrepreneur and started to jump towards my dreams – to be the CEO of my own company. I am working towards my freedom (TIME & FINANCIAL).

Just remember – there isn’t a problem in the world that’s not fixable. There’s always a solution. Instead of focusing on the problems in every situation… focus on the POSITIVE. Be brave! Lastly, have faith, PRAY as it will help us in many ways.


“When life pushes you, stand straight, smile and push it the heck back!”


For your freedom and success, 

Mrs. Chok 🙂