Money is not my wealth…

My wealth defines my interconnection with my Father – my God; 

My wealth is my correlation with my family and relatives;


More than wealth is my relationship with my friends and neighbors.






And the reason why I am working hard and creating wealth is not only because of MONEY.

But, do I still need money?

Do I aim for wealth?

Yes, of course, I still need money, I need to earn more in order for me to share the blessings to the less-fortunate,  to fund my mission for the poor, to have a lovely memorable date with my husband at least once a month, to treat my family in restaurants and enchanted trips worldwide.

I need to grow my financial wealth so I can send poor kids to school & help those who are sick for their medication and to give business to empty-handed families.

I can’t withhold the fact, that, yes I need money to support me in my relationships with people and my charitable works – for God’s glorification.

“Wealth is so much more than money.”

Money should not define your wealth. Rather, money SHOULD help you to love people more.

Your wealth should be your relationships – not the money itself. You need to give more for your family, for the people around you and especially for those who are in dire need.

Your true wealth should be your personal relationship with God and your relationship with humanity.

You’ll see in the next posts, the fundamental reasons in creating your wealth.

So do you want to be wealthy? What defines your wealth?


Wishing you a wealthy and fruitful life, 

Mrs. Chok 🙂