Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or Scam? Wealthy Affiliate Product Review

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Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? Is it a scam? I bet you landed to this page because you were searching for reviews about Wealthy Affiliate Рa scam or legit?

Just like you, I was searching and bushed all my efforts to find the answer to my questions. And while searching, it seems too good to be true that you could not even find even one proof that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or have read¬†any complaints about it; it is unbelievable, and that’s why I tried and joined.

I guess you are already tired hearing and reading hundreds of blogs and videos from the internet that you can make money online and become rich in no period of time. It is disclosed that internet is now an anchor to a various number of online scams. More than half or majority in an online world are transversely a scam. However, this stats should not put an end to your goals and dreams because there are still legit affiliate programs out there Рand for instance РWEALTHY AFFILIATE program, which has a strong evidence of success rate over long period of time.



Wealthy Affiliate (WA)  Рis an online business community with over 100,000 members and a training center founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson.  

Wealthy Affiliate¬†– “has become one of the most reputable and highest-rated resources to teach you the ropes of digital marketing and online business.”

It is a program that helps serious individuals to make money through the internet and get bundle of information that will go a long way in helping the members become successful.

Absolutely everything you need to create and grow a successful business online is included at Wealthy Affiliate. It caters to all levels of experience.

Wealthy Affiliate was created as an initiative to help other people succeed online in the same way, the founders, Kyle and Carson had already experienced success. Since 2005, the platform at WA has continued to evolve and innovate at a pace that is faster than the industry.

As they say  knowledge is power. You need to invest in Education that eventually will show you and guide you how to make a living.

Now, how are you going to make money online through Wealthy Affiliate?

By using your own talent and passion – is the way to make money online. Through Wealthy Affiliate program, it encourages you use your talent and pursue your passion and turn it into profits – towards financial freedom.

First, you need to identify what your passion is. If you have difficulty in identifying your real passion, don’t worry, your WA community will help you and guide you recognize your talent and passion – you will not be lost.¬† This business community will help you go through different¬†options until you find your niche. This is done through an affiliate boot camp that will help you start from the bottom and build your way to your ideal career path.

‚áď Click to watch all 10 lessons absolutely free!¬†‚áď

This is a better start compared to those existing stuffy marketing programs that require you market products or services that you yourself would not even be interested in, just so you can earn a commission. Indication of success in those affiliate programs are narrow and you may end up just wasting your time.

At the end of the first level of the bootcamp, you will have identified your niche and ways of making money online. You will be trained to build your own website that will provide you with the platform you need to advertise yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate offers an interactive program that exposes you to business discussions which you can relate to or learn new things along the way. The members are allowed to talk to each other, share their experiences, knowledge and even inspire and help each other as well.


After identifying your niche, next thing you need to do is build a website so that you can reach out to other online entrepreneurs. Satisfyingly, this business community (WA) will help you create an engaging website if you do not have the expertise. Though, there are other ways to profit in your business without a website, but by far hands down the most successful members have their own simple websites.

All you need to do is to perfect what you do and you will have a large audience in no time.

Once your website becomes well-known enough to generate considerable traffic, you can have advertisements about different products and services. Every time someone clicks on a particular advert, you get paid.

You can also sign up to different affiliate programs from other companies such as Amazon, Clickbank, Lazada, ShareASale, etc. – that allow you to market their offered products on your website and pay you every time a visitor clicks on the advertisements or buys something from the respective company.



  • Joining is completely FREE

Joining the Wealthy Affiliate Program is absolutely free, starter cost is $0. How many               programs over the internet that shows you how to make money online that are actually for           free? It is very less. A lot of people who started with the program has really benefited and         continuously growing for many years since they joined. Nothing will lose just by trying it out.       After all, you have read it right, it is for free.

$0 Starter Member, Join Wealthy Affiliate Here!

  • It has the most supportive community online!

There is an active, fast-responsive and ever-supportive community that is always ready to help you and answer your queries. In fact, the CEO himself is very active and will get in touch with you anytime and¬†you can message him directly. There is an interactive and open discussion among the members inside and you can communicate to any one of them. They’re very helpful and they are ready to share their secret to success.

  • There is a reliable support system available 24/7.

It is available round the clock and you can contact the support center any time (day or night)         for advice and support.

  • There are Experts in the business who are always willing to help.¬†

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of experts who are always willing to help and lead new ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† members to become successful in their business too. You can take an expert’s opinion or ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†advice on any subject matter related to your business.

  • It is flooded with Video Tutorials and live trainings. ¬†

You can watch video tutorials on how to succeed in your business venture any time you want,   from the comfort of your home or anywhere. You can save and always come back to the             videos anytime you want. The live tutorials are regularly updated so that the material is             relevant; thus, you cannot get from here an outdated information. Perhaps, the Owners               themselves and other experts or already professional in the business are aware of what is new in the world of technology and what is happening around the world. There is always new live trainings added every week.

  • It make things simple and it teaches you how to make real money.¬†

Building your own website has never been so easy. But through Wealthy Affiliate, your dream becomes reality and it helps you create your website so simple and easy. If you want to build your very first website and if you want to run your online business by designing your own website, then, you are on the right place. Aside from building your website that is so easy, by just following and doing all the trainings, it helps you¬†also turn your passion into profits. Unlike any other programs, you are just promised and told that you can create dollars, but¬†really don’t know how. Or you were just scammed!

  • Exclusive one-to-one mentorship or coaching from¬†co-founders.¬†

If you have concerns or questions, you can directly message Kyle or Carson and they will respond to you at the soonest. They offer sincere support and usually respond to you in person; you can communicate to them anytime. Wealthy Affiliate provides a nurturing ambiance and you will never feel alone as you walk towards the path to success.

  • There is really a “Pay-it-forward” Community.¬†

This is the only program that you can see people helping people – “pay-it-forward community” helping one another any time of the day. A community that cares to you – even if you don’t see them in person. And later on you can can create friendship and bonding to them. A community that encourages one another, and it is really good especially if you are new in the business.

  • It is all-in-one package. All under one roof!

You have the website, the hosting, the support, helpful community, continuous learning, training tools – all under one roof. What else are you looking for?



For newbies to get started fast, start right away for $0.00 cost. And get those for free. After the beginners training course, affiliate bootcamp phase 1 and video walk-throughs, you may then decide if you want to upgrade to PREMIUM and get ready for success and get ready to earn unlimited income.

Premium membership costs¬†$49 per month if you decide to go ‚ÄėPremium‚Äô in the future, but initially, the 1st month will be $19 only. If you pay yearly there is another discount which comes to $359 per year.

The price is constant since it started in the year 2005. I know that there are a lot of improvements already but there has never been upsells ever since.

If you are really serious starting an online business and want every small detail to be taken care of, then consider this package for you.

Once you upgrade to premium membership, there is no need to buy endless books or pay for those expensive video tutorials and live trainings. Pretty sure that you will get everything you need here.

What you will lose? It’s always free to try and see it for yourself. No more excuses if you want to start and build your own business AND BECOME SUCCESSFUL!



I can give my 98% rating for Wealthy Affiliate Program. If you want to start your online business, build your own website, and looking for affiliate marketing program that’s gonna help you earn, then start with Wealthy Affiliate. Hey it’s not a guarantee that you will succeed and earn dollars in an instant, but if you will just follow all the trainings, be patient enough and work hard, it’s a sure sure win!

I also thought that it was like any other internet marketing giant SCAM. But I was happy after I joined and till now and I also take time to read all those reviews of happy and satisfied customers in the WA community who already achieved the success. They got the time and financial freedom that they really want.

What you’ll get from here?

‚Üí step-by-step training + online certification training

‚Üí tools and support

‚Üí websites and hosting

‚Üí domain

‚Üí most interactive and helpful community

‚Üí Keyword Research Tool

‚Üí Website Security Support

‚Üí Affiliate Program

‚Üí And a lot more…


YES, join now and once you sign-up at WA – it’s free of cost! And you can roar back at me if you think you didn’t like it. Setting up an account is so simple and you will walk through right away with the trainings.

Join Wealthy Affiliate, it’s $0. Get Rolling Now!

Oh by the way, how to claim your bonus?

When you join your FREE Starter Account, you will then decide if you want to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days and you will have a 59% special discount. 

The owner / co-founder of WA will personally be contacting you and you can send him a private message on how to claim your bonus. Plus you will be having a great mentorship from the founders and other WA members who were there for more than 10 years with full blast experience. Trust that this is gonna be a great learning and earning experience you.

“You will never know what you have been missing all of these years until you step foot inside of Wealthy Affiliate.”



Is there anything else which I forgot to tackle here? To those who have tried the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate, please try to comment below. To those who are willing to get started, please send me your questions and I will try to help and give you my sincerest advice.


To your success ūüôā

Mrs. Chok



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