Follow God As You Build Your Wealth

Have you ever noticed? Simplicity is attractive. Alluring.

Sometimes irresistible.  

Once, I made an informal survey of married couples, asking them the question, “What attracted you to your spouse?”

and the trait “simplicity” was often mentioned.

“She was simple,” many said.

Not once did a guy say, “I got attracted to her because she was complicated.”


Years ago, when Apple took the industry by storm, industry experts said one of the biggest reasons people buy Apple is because of their simple design. They also removed what could be removed and focused on the most essential. Which is what simplicity is.

Why is simplicity attractive?

Here’s my guess. The Bible says, I find that God made man simple; man’s complex problems are of his own devising (Ecclesiastes 7:29, JB). God originally designed you to be simple. But you’ve probably noticed, when you disobey God’s voice, your life gets complicated. When you drift away from His original plan, all sorts of crazy complications happen in your life. Everything goes awry.

Your life becomes discombobulated.

Here’s my big message for you in this issue: Do you want to live a simple life?

Follow His Voice.

In the TrulyRichClub, I teach you how to build your wealth. But please remember to always follow God as an investor and as an entrepreneur.

I’m your Life Coach. As your Life Coach, I must tell you that as you build your wealth, always remember that your real wealth is your relationship with God, with your family, and with your friends.

God says if you seek His Kingdom first, all things will be added unto you.

So get ready for abundance!


Source: From BO's Brain - Wealth Strategies of TrulyRich Club.

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