Choose Growth Over Money

You always have to choose growth over money.

If God stood before you and showed you two doors—the door that led to personal growth and the door that led to personal riches—which door would you choose?

Here’s my strong advice: Always choose growth. In the end, if you chose growth, money will follow. But if you choose money, growth won’t follow.


From Bo’s Brain —

One day, I preached about dreaming big and asking big. After my talk, a man came up to me and said, “Bo, thanks for that talk! I’m now going to pray that I’ll win the P100M lotto prize!”

I told him, “Don’t pray that you win the lotto.” “Why?” he asked. I told him, “Because lotto gives you money. Only. But when you earn money through your job, or your business, or your investment, you create something more than money. You develop your capacities, your character, your confidence, your connections, your consciousness. You create growth. That’s much bigger than money.” So when people ask that they win in raffles or the lotto, they’re asking small. I tell them to ask bigger.


Abraham Chooses Growth

In the Bible, there’s a powerful story of Uncle Abraham and his nephew Lot.

When Abraham moved to Canaan, he brought his nephew Lot with him. Both Abaham and Lot grew wealthy, expanding their livestock and servants. But that was now the problem. The land they were staying on could not support both their animals. So they had to separate and choose their respective territories.

The ticklish question was this: One land was better than the other. Who gets the first pick?

I imagined that the question was a no-brainer. Abraham was older. He had the authority in the family. He could simply pull his weight around and say, “Lot, I’m taking Forbes Park. You get the land that gets flooded 16 times a year.”

But Abraham didn’t do that. Instead, he took the hit. He decided to give the best land to his nephew. He chose growth over money. Abraham said, Take your choice of any section of the land you want, and we will separate. If you want that part over there to the east, then I’ll stay here in the western section. Or, if you want the west, then I’ll go over there to the east (Genesis 13:9).

He chose growth over money. When he gave the best to Lot, he chose selflessness, kindness, goodness, maturity… love.

After Abraham chose growth, the money followed. God said, “Look as far as you can see in every direction, for I am going to give it all to you and your descendants” (Genesis 13:14-15).


This choice happened to Solomon too…


Solomon Chooses Growth

One night, God appeared to him and said, “Ask me for anything, and I will give it to you!” (2 Chronicles 1:7). Gollygee, if God said that to you, what would you ask for?  

Solomon didn’t ask for wealth or fame. He said, “Give me wisdom so I can rule the people you have given me.”

And because of that, God said, Yes, I am giving you the wisdom and knowledge you asked for! And I am also giving you riches, wealth, and honor such as no other king has ever had before you! (2 Chronicles 1:12).

He chose growth over money, but money followed anyway.

Why? Because money is simply a symbol of value. And because growth creates value, money has to follow.

Friend, perhaps there’s a choice that you’re making right now—a choice between growth or money.

Always choose growth over money.


May your dreams come true, 

Mrs. Chok 🙂

Source: Wealth Strategies of TrulyRichClub

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