3 Golden Rules to Manage Your Finances and Increase Your Cash Flow

Managing your finances and increasing your cash flow are just as much as your Math and Psychology Subjects.

To manage your finances feels like nothing but involves more of a paperwork and a lot of numbers. Just like in math and accounting. You make an X earnings and you spend Y amount. And you want to make sure that your Y should be less than your X. Or Debit and Credit rule in accounting, both should be balanced.

However, to manage your finances is also like a Psychology subject that involves a right attitude, habit, mindset and values you prefer to live by.

In any ways, your MINDSET matters just as much as the MATH.


How you manage your money – spend, save and invest can have a wise impact in your life.

Not all, in fact very few schools teach these important skills. To learn financial perceptive can take a while, but the foundation are just simple and at no time change.


There are few  simple rules that will help improve your financial life:

  • GOLDEN RULE # 1 – Value your time. If time is lost, everything is lost.

Remember that TIME IS GOLD. Time depletes and it never accumulates. Learn how to spend your time wisely.

If you want to improve your finances, you need to look at how you can manage your time, than wasting it to not so important things.

Spend your time to think of money and budgeting, income-generating activities to increase your cash flow; think of other income opportunities and investments; invest also your time in educating yourself such as attending financial awareness seminars, self-development training, business courses; you may also spend your time reading books to increase your knowledge and wisdom about financial aspect and to upgrade your mindset.

You must spend your time with other successful people, so you can learn from them.

Time is just bounded to 24 hours in a day, so manage your time properly and plan your life wisely.

Time management guides you make mindful choices, so you can spend your time doing things that are necessary and worthwhile to you.

  • GOLDEN RULE # 2 – Prioritize your needs (Needs versus Wants). 

One way to improve your financial life is learn how to spend less than what you earn. Know what are your needs versus your wants. Learn to prioritize your expenses. Control your emotions when it comes to spending.

If you spend less than you earn, it allows you the freedom to save, to invest, to prepare for the future, to plan your retirement, and deal with the impending crises that life throws at you. The bigger the difference between your earnings and your spending, the better.

Start saving as early as possible, even if you’re a student – you can save a little from your allowance; if you’re already working and earning a monthly pay – save a portion of your monthly salary so later you can invest from it.  If you save early, and soon invest that savings wisely, a small initial contribution can escalate into a significant value. It literally pays to be forward-thinking.

It is so important to prioritize your spending; know your needs against your wants. Don’t be an impulsive buyer, otherwise you may end up regretting.

  • GOLDEN RULE # 3 – Stop acting like a victim – be responsible for your actions. 

Stop blaming others for your failures.  You must take responsibility for each action that you take.

Life is not perfect, and we are all aware of that. We fail, we face challenges, we experience life’s fight. Everyday is a new day to face and challenges are always present in our everyday journey. It’s not always a smooth sailing, yet, we need to go on and keep moving.

Your life is what you make it, so never blame others when you screw up. In school, in your family, in your business and even in career. You cannot break away from failure – it’s part of your existence. It’s through it that you grow.

If you fail, stop acting like you’re a victim and do not blame everyone. Get up, plan ahead, move forward.

The winners are those who take full responsibility for their actions, while losers are those who keep on blaming others each time they fail.

If you fail in school, study harder. If you fail in business (see my post for vital tools of entrepreneurship), do not give up, check what are the possible solutions – and try it again. If you didn’t land a good job now, prepare yourself for the next battle of career hunting – maybe it’s not meant for you at that moment; you can look for another job (see my career hunting tips post). If you are immersed in debts, find other opportunities for you to earn extra so you can pay off your debts.

There’s always a reason for everything, there’s always the right time for everything and there’s always an explication for every problem and loss.

Success comes when you stop worrying, stop whining, stop acting like a victim and stop blaming others. Start to take an action, plan for the future, implement your plans and take a full responsibility for every choices and actions you made.



Once you succeed the 3 golden rules stated above, no ifs and or buts about it – your cash flow will then step-up.

The most important financial management rules don’t change. Maybe, what your grandparents and parents did may not work for you.

There will always be newer and better tools to manage your finances and increase your cash flow. Spending less than you earn will always be profitable for everyone.

Saving then investing your money will always be better than doing nothing with it. And planning ahead for you and your family’s future will always be better than whisking your paycheck as soon as you get it.


Cash flow problem won’t be solved unless you know how to manage your finances properly.

And again, the three golden rules to improve your cash flow:

  1. Manage your time properly;
  2. Prioritizing your needs;
  3. Be responsible for your actions.

It’s not easy to optimize your cash flow right away, but by learning how to manage your finances by applying those simple golden rules will change the way you think about money, because you have changed first your thoughts and your attitude.

Your thoughts lead to your actions that lead to positive results. Chances are, your financial status will be improved because you have learned and applied the fundamentals of finance.

Time is precious.

Spend less than you earn.

Save and invest.

Be responsible for every actions and choices you made – no one else can be blamed if you failed.

But learn from your mistakes, especially in money handling and other forms of transgression. Financial management is imperative towards your goal of becoming wealthy.

Get up, and move on.


To your success, 

Mrs. Chok 🙂


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